Volunteer with us!

Serve the community and volunteer with us.

Office support

  • This vital opportunity will help support us at our diaper distribution center. Part of this task is handling/recording diapers given out to families

  • Our office hours are Monday Wednesday and Friday 12:30- 3:30pm

Diaper Drive Pick Up

  • Pickup diapers from diaper drives
  • Deliver them to storage
  • Organize and inventory the donated diapers

Event Help

  • Attend events on behalf of lCDB
  • Help setup and take down equipment
  • Hand out flyers and swag
  • Help spread the word about our cuase

Re-package diapers

  • Help re-package diapers in preperation for delivery

Community Engagement

  • Find new diaper drive locations
  • Help answer questions from the community
  • Spread awareness

Storage Inventory

  • Prepare diapers for monthly pickup from our distribution partners

Other Volunteer Ideas?

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