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In 2023, our volunteer-run diaper distribution center encountered a heart-wrenching situation. A mother arrived seeking support, her baby dressed in a makeshift diaper fashioned from a plastic bag because she did not have the financial resources to buy diapers for her baby.

With no state or government support for diapers 1 in 2 families are struggling to afford enough diapers to keep their baby clean, dry and healthy. 

We are the only organization likes ours serving this need in our area.

Will you Join us in changing the bottom line? 

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Our Monthly Donation Heroes are vital to our mission. By choosing a set amount to give each month, you ensure that we can continue providing essential support to families in need. Every contribution, even as little as $5, makes a significant impact.

As a Monthly Donation Hero, your support allows us to:

  • Order all sizes of diapers needed to meet the diverse needs of our community.
  • Keep our diaper distribution office open and fully operational.
  • Sustain our operations allowing us to keep the lights on and more!



Join our community of heroes today and help us create lasting change. Your ongoing support means we can plan ahead, act quickly in times of crisis, and make a continuous, positive impact in the lives of countless families. Thank you for being a hero!

Thank you for your generous donations!

Together, we are ending diaper need in our community!

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