Lane County Diaper Bank provides free diapers to low-income families with children, in the Eugene/Springfield and surrounding areas.


Lane County Diaper Bank is Here to Bridge That Gap

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Norkenzie Christian Preschool does it again! For a second year in a row this congrattion brought in over 2,000 diapers! That's 100 families in our community that will get a pack of diapers for their child ❤❤❤
We are so grateful for the repeated efforts of Norenkenzie, even during the pandemic their hearts are open and ready to serve!
Norkenzie Christian Church

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Will you join with us in ending diaper need 🙂 ...

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Meet Chelsea from the Trillium team of "Diaper Repackagers":
Chelsea Doak is a Member Connection Representative with Trillium CHP and has been serving in the
Health Care system for over 8 years. Prior to working with Trillium CHP, she used to work in an End of
Life Alzheimer Facility and that is where her passion of doing more community work and providing
support to community members at home came from. She became even more motivated to do
community health work (CHW) when she joined the Member Connection Representatives(MCR)/CHW
team at Trillium CHP and started contributing to meeting the immediate needs for community members
and making a difference. Living through a pandemic, losing family members, and welcoming new family
members into life during these times have not been easy for a social butterfly person like Chelsea who is
full with energy and positivity. When the volunteering opportunity of wrapping diapers was presented
to her team, she felt energized and very excited that she can use this opportunity, not just to contribute
positively to the community, but also to use it as a team bonding too at these social distancing times.
Chelsea says, “When I started wrapping diapers, I felt really good and it made me really happy that I was
helping parents who are in need and bonding with my team.” With each pack of diapers Chelsea wraps,
she daydreams about the age, the background, the name of the baby it is going to touch and the
amount of relieve and decreased stress it is going to contribute to the family for not having to pay for
diapers. Chelsea and her partner don’t have kids, but having large amounts of diapers at home and
working on wrapping diapers all day makes her and her partner excited about their own future and it
gives them a “cute baby reminder.”

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Some Words From Thankful Familes

I highly recommend this wonderful organization. They have helped me get diapers for my babies and even had a volunteer meet me after I got off work at 7pm so that I could get help. They’re AMAZING!!!

Am so beyond Thankful for this group. I was able to get help...Thank you for helping me, and my son that is still fighting potty Training now am not killing myself buying so many pull ups <3 I was heard and this Group informed me and helped me. Every single one of you are Amazing bless you all
From: A Thankful Parent