Lane County Diaper Bank provides free diapers to low-income families with children, in the Eugene/Springfield and surrounding areas.


Lane County Diaper Bank is Here to Bridge That Gap

Diapers Donated Back Into Our Community

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How can you help the bank and volunteer while maintaining social distancing?
Easy! You can help us repackaging diapers from the safety of your own home! We have over 15000 diapers that need to be repackaged before they can go back out into our community.
Arrange for pick up of diapers
Watch our diaper repacking technique video
And return the diapers to the Bank!
Email Teresa at
Or message us on Facebook to get started!

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When you order so many diapers the company doesn't even bother packaging them properly (haha) ...

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Whoho this is one of the biggest diaper hauls we have ever received, 8,000 diapers. This amount of diapers will help around 400 families!
Thank you so much United Way of Lane County for making this dream a reality! We will keep you posted on where and what this diaper haul is doing for our community! <3

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Some Words From Thankful Familes

I highly recommend this wonderful organization. They have helped me get diapers for my babies and even had a volunteer meet me after I got off work at 7pm so that I could get help. They’re AMAZING!!!

Am so beyond Thankful for this group. I was able to get help...Thank you for helping me, and my son that is still fighting potty Training now am not killing myself buying so many pull ups <3 I was heard and this Group informed me and helped me. Every single one of you are Amazing bless you all
From: A Thankful Parent